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Interviewing Peder Swartling, CEO of Castle Park Sales, and Lars Ålund, CEO Radisson Blu Royal Park.

Over the past several decades, the concept of serviced offices has become more mainstream, an increasingly familiar option in a culture of work that values new dimensions of mobility and flexibility.

At Royal Park Stockholm, the introduction of a Serviced Office presents an opportunity that is unique. Integrating a Serviced Office to the entire destination enhances the concept of Royal Park as an oasis nestled into gorgeous Haga Park and overlooking the waters of Brunnsviken where you can eat well, rest, exercise, socialize and host your professional meeting.

The chosen place to stay, a chosen place to work, the chosen place to eat, drink, relax and stay healthy.

On the new development of a Serviced Office on the premises, Lars Ålund, CEO of Radisson Blu Royal Park notes:

– We are going beyond the trend. We are enhancing the choices of this unique destination – the chosen place to stay, a chosen place to work, the chosen place to eat, drink, relax and stay healthy.”

Ålund, who has been working in the hospitality industry all over the world for over 30 years, remarks that the Serviced Office offers much more than other options in the region.

– You are just in the middle of everything while in a picturesque, elegant, calm and relaxing environment, says Ålund.

No time wasted

Peder Swartling, CEO for Castle Park Sales, a newly launched Sales Organization at Royal Park Stockholm, notes the benefit of also being 20 minutes from Arlanda and Bromma.

– Our clients find the commute, especially from the northern area of Stockholm, to be a benefit as they don’t need to waste valuable time commuting to work. Instead, they can focus on things like working out, relaxing and then getting home to spend time with their families and friends.

Regardless if you are in the retail looking for a smart scale-up solution, or if you are in need of a location for your tech team, or if you have a need for management meeting we offer a high-end environment. We are flexible and mobile and have spaces for a variety of business areas.

This enables a set up where our clients can focus 100% on their businesses while the location handles all administrative services needed. Clients can book event tickets, benefit from room service, health club, spa and access a 24-hour concierge. Specific training sessions and gym classes for office clients will be available during lunchtime, pre-work day and also post-work.

Welcome to our Serviced Office where we create global and sustainable values through accessing a meeting point for international businesses, associations, and people.
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