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Located in beautiful Haga Park, Royal Park Stockholm has established itself as a world leader in plant-based hospitality. The heritage of Royal Park Stockholm uniquely merges a respect for the regal history of the location with a presentation of true, exquisite wealth as embodied on multiple dimensions of their services and hospitality.

This is the New age. With a paradigm shift fully in process, moving humanity into an age of heightened awareness and collectivity, Royal Park Stockholm’s choice to reclaim and reimagine the concept of ’new age’ in their destination marries a respect for ancient wisdom with sophistication, contemporary awareness and mindful action.

Screaming for a substainable shift

Ulrich John, owner of Royal Park Stockholm, notes that the essence of the term ’royal’ conveys a sense of wealth and truth. The world is screaming for a substainable shift, and John is undaunted in his efforts to initiate profound change in response. A sound businessman but also true visionary, John establishes a lead position in the Nordics with Royal Park as an exemplary new age plant-based destination, a living business model where the future of sustainability is manifest at all levels.

Ulrich John. Foto: Tobias Ohls.

Joel ’Jay Brave’ Bravette, is joining the Royal Park Stockholm team to work with communications, strategy and storytelling.

– Since dedicating my career to sustainable and regenerative practices, I have found it increasingly difficult to find commercial leisure operations that have adopted a similar perspective. This can make traveling as an individual a chore and as a young family a minefield, Bravette reflects and continues:

– RPS is like no other project that I have worked on. For sheer scale of operation, it is rare to see a player of this magnitude vertically integrate a whole new perspective at odds with traditional hospitality protocols. I am excited to be attached to such a game-changing initiative at this juncture which I am sure will become the industry standard in years to come.

Big plans on the horizon

Both John and Bravette point out that once you overcome the research and development costs of shifting an entire business to a plant based model, it is a true investment. Today’s existing hotel operation well exceeds 100 MSEK turnover. That’s an increase of more than 25% since 2017 under the John’s owner- and leadership.

– To keep up with being a leading green and plant based destination is crucial for our growth, profitability as well as for our beliefs, John notes. It’s our way of turning the old traditional grey elephant into pink and exciting. In this business every million of turnover increase in operation adds an additional value to your property’s assets times four, so there is no better economical alternative than staying on top of the green revolution.

This is the luxury of the future.

– Ulrich John

Business veganism is driven by efficiency and the team at Royal Park Stockholm, with John at the helm, is laser focused on maintaining a high bar of excellence as an exemplary model of a plant-based destination with sustainability and hospitality in central focus. The model is mindful of profit but also long term societal benefit.

– It’s not just a business opportunity, it’s a human development opportunity, Bravette notes.

On the horizon are plans for room refurbishing, a vegan brasserie, a shop on the premises and more. The concept for a shop on the premises is in development with a mission to, John explains. The goal is to be able to connect to local people in many fields- artisans, thinkers, artists and more.

100% vegan

Gaëlle Thieullen joins the team at Royal Park Stockholm to develop the shop.

– For brands that walk the talk and are really in the business because they believe that going vegan is the only way forward, she says.

Her plan is to bring in products from small businesses all over the world and “to create a platform for many products (clothes, bed sheets, supplements, cosmetics, food and more) where everything is vegan.”

Beginning with their February 2018 launch of a Plant-Powered brunch and culminating in August 2019 with a hotel wide menu concentrated on quality plant-based dining options, Royal Park Stockholm has also established a global standard where excellent vegan options are the norm, not the exception.

The luxury of the future

The transformation of the Royal Park Stockholm’s culinary philosophy is the result of a close collaborative effort with the Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel and John & Co’s Plant Lab, a food laboratory at the resort that produces various artisan products including plant-based cheeses, ice cream and tempeh. These creations have been incorporated at every level, resulting in a casual yet sophisticated and unique menu with broad appeal.

Royal Park Stockholm has also enlisted the expertise of leaders in the plant-based culinary movement to ensure quality and excellence at all levels. Acclaimed Canadian chef, cookbook author and consultant Douglas McNish has been instrumental in working with Royal Park Stockholm to transform and veganize the brunch, à la carte and conference menus.

– This is the luxury of the future, John notes.

Indeed, Royal Park Stockholm has truly positioned itself as the leading plant-based destination, not only locally in Sweden, but in the world.

Learn more about Royal Park – the green getaway of Stockholm – here.

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