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A royal oasis in Stockholm

Ulrich John, Paulo Mendonca och Papa Dee.
Ulrich John, Paulo Mendonca och Papa Dee.
Ulrich John, Paulo Mendonca och Papa Dee. Foto: Mårten Levin och Erik Josjö.

A new era is awaiting hotel Radisson Blu Royal Park: A super crew of innovative entrepreneurs and musicians are joining forces to make magic things happen.

To meet up with a bunch of professional and inspiring entertainers on a sunny Sunday for breakfast would give anybody a real boost. The setting outside on the terrace, surrounded by the outdoor green environment overviewing the water is just perfect. The mood is high as the hotel owner Ulrich John and the two musicians Papa Dee and Paulo Mendonca sit down. They are joking and sharing old memories and it is clear that they know each other from early years. Their friendship evokes a familiar feeling, something that frames our entire meeting. We are gathered to talk about hotel Radisson Blu Royal Park´s new concept. It´s around ten in the morning and many guests are having breakfast out in the sun.

A New Age destination

The building has been serving as a hotel since 1994 and Ulrich John has been the owner for the past three years. He has extensive experience within real estate, managing the hotel was hence a natural step to take in his career.

– The building itself is impressive and the location with its spectacular views is obviously something extra. This is not one hotel in a million and my vision is to turn it into a New Age hospitality destination, explains Ulrich John.

The food is of significant importance and the entire kitchen has been newly renovated.

– We are into wellness in general, by mood and sports and particularly into plant based and organic food. We are proud of working with prominent international chefs with great ideas and ambitions serving vegan luxury food.

Get into the mood with food and music

The well equipped kitchen and food lab also produces vegan food. How about vegan mozzarella cheeses, vegan soft creamy Camembert cheese or homemade vegan ice cream? These are only three examples of what is already made at the hotel. And what better combination is there than great food, nice surroundings and uplifting music that puts you in a good mood?

This is where the group “The Royal Parkers” with the musicians Papa Dee, Paulo Mendonca and songwriter/producer Mattias Wollo, come into the picture. They have all been into music as long as they can remember and have ongoing successful careers. Papa Dee is a well known singer, songwriter, reggae, MC, DJ and what he call him self “a manic record collector” born in Sweden. He did his first live gigs in the 1980s and apart from the singing has been hosting tv shows and radio programs. He plays in different bands, amongst them the rock band Ringo Franco. He will in addition to this also release two new albums in a couple of months. Now, of course, he is also one of the  “The Royal Parkers”.

– Paulo Mendonca and I did our first gig together last year. We got on well and felt that it would be fun to do something more together. We did 12 more gigs and liked playing together even more. It was a clear “yes” when we were asked to play here at the hotel, says Papa Dee.

Paulo Mendonca is a Swedish funk guitarist of Portuguese origin who released his first album in the 1990s. He has been playing with various stars. Tina Turner is one of them. His new, soon to be released album, is heavier, flirting more with rock.

– I have always liked rock a lot and now I am digging a little more into the rock music, explains Paulo Mendonca.
The release party for the new single will be held at the hotel in September, the album will be released later on this autumn.

Cool vibes

The “Royal Parkers” will play a variety of music such as rock, reggae and funk on a regular basis from September on at the hotel. Exclusively invited guests as Jennifer Brown, Jessica Folcker and Emma Essinger amongst others will be joining in.

– We hope to add some spice and cool vibes, says Papa Dee. 

– Music is what we do. I only had one plan in life really, and that was to play music. I´ve been on a music mission since the age of 12, says Paulo Mendonca laughing.

Time to make a change

The time is right to do something different; something new and outstanding. The setting couldn´t be better for the new concept next door neighbor to Hagaparken and Brunnsviken. The hotel already is something to count on for both regulars and new guests that find their way to the New Age hospitality destination.

– We aim to offer the very best in every aspect, says Ulrich John.

– Yeah, and this is the perfect destination for creativity, innovation and new thinking. This is already big in England and the time has come here too to make a change. We need to open our minds and let good thoughts in, and this is one way of doing it. Come and join us and be the change, says Jay Brave, vegan rapper from England who is joining in the new project.

Just make it happen

– This is what we want to do: come up with new ideas and make them happen. This is the place to start a change, get inspired and just go with it. I wish to try out new things and create that fantastic love, peace and understanding feeling together with others who thinks alike, continues Ulrich John.
That’s what this fantastic gang of four, like the musketeers around the table, are striving for and they are clearly eager to get started.

– This feels so right and so cool. We are on to it and we believe in what we are doing and hope that others will enjoy it and join us, concludes Ulrich John.

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