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Stellan Back and Cornelia John exercising at the Haga Heath Club.
Stellan Back and Cornelia John exercising at the Haga Heath Club.
Stellan Back guiding and Cornelia John exercising at the Haga Heath Club. Foto: Tobias Ohls.

With a broad palette of inspiring acitivies Haga Health Club offeres a variety of services for members sharing the same approach to life. They seek to redefine the meaning of health and to inspire people through an unconventional cross border collaboration at the club. The test and coaching clinic Aktivitus joint work with Haga Health Club started in 2016 when they moved into the outstanding facilities in Royal Park Stockholm. Since then, the collaboration has deepened, and Aktivitus is now an appreciated and integral part of the club.

– Members can easily access our tests, training programs and services, says Johan Hasselmark, Managing Partner at Aktivitus in Stockholm. Or go to our popular group fitness classes.

The company is a leader in coaching and testing of endurance sports athletes in Sweden with expertise in cardio training, progressive and preventive health.

– In all our work, we use scientific and evidence-based methods combined with solid practical experience, says Hasselmark. The first step is always to understand and learn about the individual’s specific needs. Then, we tailor-make a program just for you, he explains.

From beginners to professionals

Bikers, runners, triathletes, cross-country skiers and other endurance athletes have used Aktivitus’ services for over 16 years. They provide soccer and hockey teams as well as combat sports athletes with unique coaching and in-depth knowledge.

– You do not have to be at elite level, says Hasselmark. We help everyone, from beginners to international professional athletes at all ages. 
Aktivitus are also committed to set up corporate health programs.

– Our customers put great effort into their employee’s well-being, adds Hasselmark. Each employee’s health and training progress are measured thoroughly as well as the company’s economic gains. Together, we create results that instantly reflect on the culture, co-worker’s positive energy levels and business results.

– People are generally happier and more focused. The effect is almost instant. It is amazing to see every time.

Three tips:
How to get the best results of your training 

  1. Be honest to yourself. Do you want to become a better athlete? Do the proper training and take advice. If you train for your well-being, just be active with what you like!
  2. If you want to excel in sports, get the right equipment. But if you exercise to be healthy, take what you have, just as long as you work out!
  3. Push your boundaries and move out of your comfort zone, especially if you have a certain goal like a tough run or tournament. If your goal is to have a healthier lifestyle, you do not always have to work harder, longer or more.

To drastically decrease risks for cardiovascular deceases, some types of cancer and type II diabetes, and lower your blood pressure, you ‘only’ need to:T

  • Be active for at least 30 minutes a day, for example walking, gardening or swimming.
  • Get sweaty and get your heart rate up 2-3 times a week.
  • Do what is easiest and most fun for you.

Remember, the body is made for physical activity. One minute of training statistically gives you a five hour longer life!

Our mission is your wellbeing. Find out how you can work out in our inspirational facilities here.

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