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Holistic view squared with Alpha and Omega

In the fall of 2019, the wellness company Alpha Omega Performance will move into the facilities. With AO’s proven track record, the goal is to be a leading rehabilitation and fitness centre for sports professionals and high performing athletes from around the world.

– The secret behind our success is our holistic view of the individual, says Andreas Öhgren, Founder of AO Performance and long-time fitness coach.

– We focus on the whole person where customized exercise and adequate recovery – especially through quality sleep and right nutrition – gives us outstanding results whether it is on a rink or in a board room. They are also two key factors to longevity and maximum performance.

– Even though my passions are hockey and alpine skiing, our concept fits everyone, adds Öhgren and continues: Say you have a busy schedule with minimal time to work out. Maybe you are close to burning out. Our fully personalized programs will give you a more healthy, nutritious and successful lifestyle.

Logic training

High quality permeates everything AO does. Together with their know-how and key competences, they complement Haga Health Club in a valuable way

– The facilities are just incredible, says Öhgren. Everything from the surroundings to the services and location gives the customer excellent chances to work out, recuperate and fuel energy. And the restaurant offers clean, organic vegan food to further boost your immune system.

Logic training is another of AO’s cornerstones. By focusing on individual adaptation and not follow a generalized protocol, they reduce the rehab times significantly.

– The body should use movement patterns that reflect those we have in real life and in sports”, continues Öhgren. If you only use monotone exercises like lifting weights up and down, there is a greater risk of getting injured. With our philosophy, we make sure that all muscular systems in the body are balanced.

Impressive track record

Andreas has coached nearly 60 NHL players over the years, including Nicklas Bäckström, Gabriel Landeskog, Jesper Bratt and Patric Hörnqvist. He helped the Swedish alpine professional Mattias Hargin during his most successful years. Andreas coached Team Sweden in the Alpine World Championships 2015 in Vail. In the spring of 2019, Andreas also worked with the US Women’s national alpine team during their Squaw Valley camp.

– I thrive to help others succeed and genuinely look forward to these exciting times ahead, he smiles. Let´s do this!

Three tips for better sleep

  • Remove all screens at least half an hour before going to bed
  • Make sure the room is dark
  • Keep a cool temperature

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